New Features

  • Based on user feedback, I updated the Class Note screen to a new design.  Users can now capture more information on specific techniques practiced, type of training session, and the duration.  The changes lay the foundation for capturing statistics to help improve your training.
  • Added a dedicated Technique screens.  The previous version did not allow a clear way to explicitly save your own custom techniques.  With this feature, you can actually record what items you worked on during class.
  • Session Type screens have been added.  If you have an Open Mat class, Private, Gi, Wrestling or any other, you can now explicitly record what kind of class you had.
  • Overall, the new features lay the ground work for better design and also statistical tracking features in upcoming releases.

Performance Improvements

  • None in this release.

Bug Fixes

  • Some users were having issues with the Video Selection Screen and it failing.  Fixed this issue.

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